A special project that we are involved with is Cats Exclusive, Inc. (a 501c3 organization) located in Margate Florida. 

Cats Exclusive has put on cat shows in South Florida for over 25 years. This annual show is now one of the largest fund raisers that they do to raise funds. At the show they have kittens and adult cats for adoption. 

Eight years ago they started Cats Exclusive Spay/Neuter and Adoption Program (S.N.A.P) for the purpose of spaying and neutering homeless cats and kittens. Adoptable cats and kittens were placed in the new Adoption Center. 

Last year they opened up a low cost spay and neuter clinic right next store to the adoption center. In one year they spayed and/or neutered over 4,000 cats with the hopes of increasing it to 6,000 in 2009. This is all done on donations.

As breeders of pure bred Russian Blues, we have never lost sight of the over population of cats in the country or in our general south Florida area. We do everything we can to make sure that our babies have a forever home and they never leave our home without being spayed or neutered. We donate a portion of every kitten sale to this organization.

The center is always in need of volunteers, foster homes, supplies and money. As a 501c3 organization your donations are tax deductible and your donation will be used wisely.

Please take the time to visit the Cats Exclusive web site at http://www.catsexclusive.org you can use this link or go to our Links page. View their mission statement and how this all developed.

Thank you for the time that you have taken to read this message


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