According to legend, this hardy breed originated in the cold climate of Northern Russia. The breed as we know it today was primarily developed in Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries. 

Russian Blues make wonderful pets-they are quiet, subtly affectionate, playful and loyal. They generally get along well, once properly introduced, with other family members-animal and human!

The Russian Blue coat is very short and dense, shimmering silver-blue in color and silky to the touch. Very little grooming is required-daily combing during their short summer shedding season and "hand grooming" (petting) keeps their coat lustrous.

A medium-sized breed, the Russian is svelte and fine-boned; however, the adult coat is so dense it stands out from the body, giving an appearance of a larger cat. A full-grown female should weight 6-8 pounds, a male 7-9 pounds.

Russian Blues are, by their name, blue. We are proud to breed consistently blue, short hair cats with emerald green eyes. A Russian Blue of any other color or coat length is just not a CFA Russian Blue.

We believe that what makes the Russian Blue so striking is the contrast of the silver tipping against a short, plush blue coat and the emerald green eyes. Oh, yeah, and that wonderful Russian Smile.

We, as members of the Russian Blue Breed Council of Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), strongly support the council’s position that Russian Blues come in only one color, blue, and in only one coat length, short.

We recognize that in other organizations breeders can choose to breed differently; this is their prerogative. However, we will not work with cats other than pure Russian Blues in our breeding program, nor will we allow our cats to be used in a colored or longhair program. 

We feel that this is the only way we can ensure that our breeding cats will continue to carry only the blue, shorthair genes, for future generations.

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